3rd Century AD Swords

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Swords History - 3rd Century AD

Khanda Sword - Khanda is the oldest sword that was used in India. This sword was typical of the warrior class and it was used by the Rajputs, Sikhs and Marathas. The sword was heavy, straight and with double-edged blade; although, one of the edges had ornamental border for considerable length. The blade widened from the base of the hilt to the tip. The tip of the blade was triangular and similar in shape to the Roman Gladius sword. The hilt consisted of a padded and broad plate-guard, finger-guard and broad and flat pommel that had a metal spike protruding from it. The spike could be used as an additional handle for two-handed sword attack. The spike could be used as a hand-rest when sword was sheathed. The Khanda sword was a weapon that gave a lot of prestige to the Rajput warrior class.

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