Stage Steel Single-Handed Short Sword

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Description & Specs
Our medieval short sword by Stage Steel® is intended for sword combat practice or theatrical or SCA re-enactment. The sword features blade with blunt edges. Blade is 1-1/4" wide and 16" long. Overall length is 22" (no sheath). Item #4404

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1. on 6/28/2023, said:
5 stars out of 5
The sword is such a relief for me! I broke the wooden sword I’d been training with for nearly 7 months on and off with last week and since then, I’ve been desperate to find a sword of roughly the same length that has similarities in appearance to it. That’s also partially because I got a wooden sword that’s based off of Excalibur and it hurts every time I swing it after a few swings. I’m so glad I read the detailed info about the short sword. I was looking for a sword that didn’t have a sharp edge for that was why my wooden sword broke. It has a sharp edge. I did a swing test and while it’s heavier than I’m used to, I think I’m going to really love training with it because I had grown so much stronger and faster with the wooden sword I used before. When I master the sword like I did the wooden, I know it will be a delight. Thank you for the free gifts, the gloves are tighter than I’m used to but that means that unlike the pretty loose gloves I was using before, I shouldn’t have problems with the leather flapping up as I train. That should also help me build up my hand strength more as well. I tend to swing fast, causing swords to hit the ceiling a bit as well as some things within about 3 feet of me. I wasn’t expecting the sword to be wrapped up in a pretty cute way below the bubble wrap but that makes me happy nonetheless. The sword is exactly what I could have asked for in appearance, design, and the edge of the blade. I would have ordered a longer sword but I train in my room. It’s the only place I feel comfortable training and any gyms and places of that nature aren’t exactly a walk in the park to get to for me. Therefore, the length of the short sword is why I got it. It’s something I can train with without hitting the ceiling over and over again but isn’t too short.
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