The Celtic Combat Sword

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The Celts were brave warriors, dating as early as 500 BC fighting with strength and fury. The close combat sword was the chosen weapon in battle, as it's flared blade possessed a strong and deadly sharp edge that could be wielded quickly with great power. The solid brass hand poured crescent moon guard and pommel reflect the Celts worship to the heavens. Each 2-1/4"W x19"L flared blade is hand forged of high carbon steel which replicates the materials as close as possible to the period. Item #2002

The functional Celtic sword has an overall length of 26-1/3" and possesses all the attributes needed for a true Celtic warrior to achieve glory and victory in battle! Heavy duty leather sheath for sword is included.

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1. on 3/2/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
This was the second Ritter Steel sword in my collection. I’m a big “function before form” guy, and this piece delivers both, and in the right order. I’ve always been impressed not only by the Ritter Steel blades, but in the super sturdy guard and hilt constructions. They look pretty, AND they can fight. The blade is a heavy one for its length and anyone on the receiving end of it is going to have an exceptionally bad day. In all honesty, I perhaps would have preferred the pommel to be a good bit larger, but that’s a quibble based on my picky preferences. After having played with it for a while, I bought at least two more (maybe three – it’s been a long time) as gifts. While I own a goodly number of swords from different makers, Ritter Steel swords are the only ones I’ve ever been comfortable giving as gifts. When you give someone a Ritter Steel sword, you’re giving them a working tool – the beauty of it is a bonus.
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