Medieval Flails

Medieval Flails - Spiked, Battle Ready and Decorative

The flail is a deadly medieval age weapon which was used in military warfare with one or more weights linked to the handle, most often with a chain. The flail was strictly an offensive weapon. By twirling the flail, the fierce medieval weapon built up force and then a blow could be struck with tremendous power. If the flails’ ball had spikes, it could pierce metal armor!

Flails were also used to administer punishment and torture for crimes against the state and church. The flail even made its way onto the civic coat of arms of Mörfelden-Walldorf in Germany which proudly includes two golden crossed flails.

There is a common misconception that a mace and flail are one in the same; however the reality is that a mace has a fixed head while the flails’ head or heads are linked to the handle allowing them to move separately from the handle.

Historically the flails heads were made from a variety of materials which changed with technology over time from stone, wood, iron and finally the most terrifying, steel balls with spikes.

Whether your preference is a full size RitterSteel® museum quality medieval flail or a mini pocket flail, Knights Edge® has it all. Choose flails from one ball or two balls, or from battle ready spiked flails to decorative replicas for mounting on the wall!

Medieval Bone Crusher Flail
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Medieval Spiked Battle Flail
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Double Ball Flail
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Medieval Spiked Skull Flail
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