Medieval Bone Crusher Flail

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The flail was a deadly medieval age weapon used in military warfare, however many were also used to administer punishment for crimes against the state and church. Such a flails became known as "Bone Crusher Flail"

The flail was strictly an offensive weapon. By twirling the flail, the fierce medieval weapon built up force and then a blow could be struck with tremendous power. Own a true museum quality medieval flail. The styling of this flail is based on actual items found in "digs" under and around castles of Europe.

This handcrafted RitterSteel® Authentics Bone Crusher flail features a studded blackened steel head attached to a blackened chain which is linked inside a hand-wrought blackened steel bar. The wrought iron bar of this medieval weapon flail is secured to a seared wood handle and has an 7” head. 39” overall. Item #2602

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