4th Century BC Swords

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Swords History - 4th Century BC

Dacian Falx Sword - (also known as: Falx or Dacian Falx) The Dacian sword was a sword that had a long, sickle-like blade mounted atop a long wooden haft. The name “Falx” is a Latin word for sickle. This type of weapon was used for overhead blows to stroke the enemy’s head or shield. The Dacian Falx came in two sizes: a shorter one which was a single-handed weapon and a long one which was a double handed weapon. The longer version was nearly 6 foot long where the haft was about 3 feet long and the blade was also 3 feet long. The long Falx sword functioned as a sword and as a pole arm. The Falx was a very dangerous weapon against which the Roman Gladius sword was no match. To protect them from the Falx blows, Roman soldiers received reinforced helmets and upgraded Lorica Segmentata armor which featured additional protection for the right arm.

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