9th Century AD Swords

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Swords History - 9th Century AD

Kora Sword - Kora (also known as Cora or Khora) is the national sword of Nepal that was also used in North India. The sword was very heave and featured a single-edged blade that curved heavily and widened at the very forming two concaves at the very end of the blade (also the widest portion of the blade). The sword was used in fighting and sacrificial ceremonies. The sword had an eye inlaid on the both sides of the blade. There were two types of scabbards available for this kind of sword. One had a wide scabbard that could accept the sword to be inserted into it. The other scabbard was shaped to fit the blade and it was closed with loops and buttons that were on sides of the scabbard.

Scimitar Sword - The scimitar is a sword with a curved blade that originated in the Middle East. Because of the curved blade and relatively light weight, scimitars were exceptionally good as a slashing weapon when on horseback. The scimitar was adopted by many Islamic and South Asian nations; however, every nation made a slight modification to the sword resulting in unique varieties. In the Arabian region the sword was known as Saif, in India as Tulwar (or Talwar), Afghanistan – Pulwar, Turkey – Kilij, Marocco Nimcha, Afghanistan – Pulwar, Persia – Shamshir.

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