11th Century AD Swords

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Swords History - 11th Century AD

Arming Sword -
The arming sword was a double-edged, single-handed sword that was very common during the Middle Ages, between 11th and 14th century. The arming sword was the standard sword carried into battles. This sword was light and had an excellent balance. The sword was designed more for cutting than thrusting. The length of the sword varied, measuring between 30 inches to 32 inches. With time, knights began to wear heavier armor and this was one of the reasons for continued evolution of the sword.

Crusader Sword - The time of crusades span between 11th and 13th Century and the typical sword used during the crusades was the arming sword. The arming sword was a single-handed, double-edged cruciform sword that was the most popular between 11th and 14th century and it was still being used until 16th century. The average weight of the sword was around 2.5lbs. The length of the blade was 29 inches and the overall length of the sword was around 36 inches.

Falchion - Falchion was a sword that was in use during the middle ages. The sword featured a broad curved blade that was widest near the point where the back of the blade joins the edge in a concave curve. Falchion was also referred to as fauchon.

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