19th Century AD Swords

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Swords History - 19th Century AD

European Brass Hilt Sabre - European Brass Hilt Sabre Sword circa: Early 1800's. The most common of all cavalry weapons of the 18th and 19th centuries was the sabre. A sword distinguishable by its single edge curved blade which was most effective in the hands of horse soldiers (cavalry) who could inflict serious injury to the necks and heads of ground troops with a swipe of the blade. Swords such as this were used by officers of the Imperial Guard and reputation follows this blade as the Russians in 1845.

Foot Officer's Civil War Sabre

Pira Sword - Pira sword belongs to the Moro Swords from the Philippines. It is one of the rarest weapons. The sword features a single-edged, falchion-like, up-curving blade. The pommel of the sword as an up-curving horn that is very characteristic for this weapon. The Pira sword was the favorite fighting weapon among the peoples of Sulu Sultanate. The sword on average was about 33 inches in length with the blade measuring 20 inches in length. The scabbard was made of hardwood and bound with rattan fibers.

Pulwar Sword - The Pulwar sword design is based on the Indian Talwar sword. The Pulwar sword was manufactured in Afghanistan in the 19th century.

Ram Dao Sword - Ram-Dao was a kind of sacrificial sword used in Nepal. The sword featured a very wide and heavy blade that was sharply curved at the very end. The purpose of the sword was to behead an animal in just one blow. The sword was about 26 inches in length. The handle was 6 inch in length and it was straight, made of wood and mounted with brass. The sword often featured ornamental designs engraved on its blade.

Shelby Confederate Sword -

Union Civil Sword -

Young Trooper's Sword

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