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Scottish Dirks

Dirk is a dagger carried by the Scottish Highlanders. The Scottish dirk features a heavy blade that is thick at the back and that is tapering uniformly from hilt to the tip of the blade. The blade is single-edged. The Scottish dirk has a barrel shaped handle with conical pommel that has a flat top. The dirk has no hand guard. The handles are either carved or decorated with brass studs. Dirk is a Scottish word that describes a short dagger and that word may have originated from the Gaelic word sgian dearg meaning "black knife" where "dearg" shifted to Scottish "dirk". During the medieval times, in Scotland, the dirk was carried as a companion backup weapon to the main weapon -- the broadsword. Other weapon that might have been carried was the shorter version of the dirk called sgian dubh. The sgian dubh was carried in a coat or in a stocking and was a part of Scottish Highlander's dress. Even today, sgian dubh dirks are worn as a part of traditional Scottish attire. Dirks could be used as a melee weapon or a throwing weapon.

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