Medieval Bishops Flail

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The flail was a deadly medieval age weapon used in military warfare, however many were also used to administer punishment for crimes against the state and church. Such later flails became known as "Bishops Flails" or "Holy Water Sprinklers", so named as they resembled the instruments used in church worship.

The flail was strictly an offensive weapon. By twirling the flail, the fierce medieval weapon built up force and then a blow could be struck with tremendous power. Own a true museum quality medieval flail. The styling of this flail is based on actual items found in "digs" under and around castles of Europe.

This handcrafted RitterSteel® Authentics bishops flail features a studded blackened steel head attached to a blackened chain which is linked inside a hand-wrought blackened steel bar. The wrought iron bar of this medieval weapon flail is secured to a seared wood handle and has an 7” head. 39” overall. Item #2602

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