Braided Leather Samurai Wakizashi - Elite

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The NEW RitterSteel®Elite Japanese Wakizashi short sword is the perfectly sized Samurai weapon for maneuvering in close quarters, and historically has ranked the #1 chosen backup weapon of the Samurai warrior after the katana! 
The RitterSteel®Elite Japanese Wakizashi features a 17” long RitterSteel hand pounded high carbon steel blade which is forged over hot coals using many of the original techniques passed down through generations of ancient swordsmiths. A traditional solid copper habaki is then hand fitted to each fully functional blade. This dynamic sword, when wielded by a trained hand is quite effective , and with its beefy tang running the length of the grip up to the base of the pommel. Each RitterSteel®Elite Japanese Wakizashi Samurai Short Sword sports a tsuba and end cap individually hand cast in solid brass and a hand braided leather grip. The sheath is wood bound in a combination of hand braided and smooth leather to compliment the beauty of the sword. This is the short sword for those who seek a functional companion to our RitterSteel®Elite Samurai Katanas in traditional Japanese styling. Overall length of this functional sword is 24 1/4" long. Blade is 171/4” L. (Brown leather sheath included) Item #20282

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