Skull Trinket Keeper or Ashtray

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A fascination with the macabre, such as human bones and skulls have allured folks through the centuries. It is not surprising that objects in the likeness of skulls have become familiar and almost “endearing objects” these days and now grace our homes. Almost like an “old friend”… "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well."  Comes to mind when you see a skull (of any size) perched atop a bookshelf, doesn’t it?

Of course a real life size version might be a bit frightful to have about so we offer this hand color washed Miniature Skull sized just right to satisfy your inner dark side without terrifying the neighbors!….

Each miniature skull stands 4 inches tall, 5 inches deep and 3” wide and is designed with perfection in mind. Made of solid cold cast resin and hand colored to a realistic appearance (except for size) the amazing features include “suture lines” where naturally bone separate, dark hollow eye sockets and an aged bone coloring. But that is not all…. Each skull is also designed as a container! It is actually cast in two parts so the “crown” of the skull can be lifted to reveal a compartment suitable for stashing small treasures, hiding spare keys or simply holding some change. In fact it makes an eerie ashtray as the side indents that keep the crown in place when closed are perfectly sized for holding a cigarette! When using it for this purpose… how neat is that! No more falling cigs burning the rug! Makes a great gift too. So evoke your dark side and get one today! # 4938  

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