English Medieval Knight 1200-1300

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The 13th century was a time of change for knights in England. They were faced with rising costs and increasing demands on their time for local government because of their very status in society, until knighthood itself was sometimes avoided. This period saw as well the development of the tournament from the wild team events of the early years of the century to the single jousts with blunt lance. Campaign life in the 13th century also embraced several theaters of war including the baronial revolt against King John, the Barons' Wars of Simon de Montfort, and the Welsh and Scottish wars of Edward I. This title also covers the use and development of arms, armour, costume and other equipment. Item #11051

Author: Christopher Gravett
Illustrator: Christopher Gravett
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 64
Series: Men-at-Arms
ISBN: 9781841761442

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