Carolingian Cavalryman AD 768-987

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The army of Charlemagne and his successors enabled the western Franks to recreate what contemporaries regarded as a 'reborn' western Roman empire. Frankish society was well prepared for war, with outstanding communications drawing together the disparate regions of a large empire. The role of mounted troops, the essential striking force of the Frankish army, is explored here. Alongside it was the impact that new technology, such as stirrups, had on warfare in this period. Illuminating a much-neglected area of history, this book shows how the role of cavalry grew in prestige, as the Carolingian armoured horseman gave way to the knight of the early 10th century. Item #11026

Author: David Nicolle
Illustrator: Wayne Reynolds
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 96
Series: Warrior
ISBN: 9781841766454

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