Purple "Dragon of Dreams" Resin Hand Painted Figurine

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Dreamfire is the  "Dragon of Dreams".... She is in fierce possession of a mystic and magical orb to with her rider is  known to deliverer   "Prophecies of the Future to come".  Adorned with scales glowing in the radiant and incandesscent colors of purple and gold, like sea coral. The majestic presence of this dragon is accentuated by an intense "firery" mane...  She is  truly magical sight!  Cast in cold resin and meticulously hand painted with superb detail, this wonderful creature of "Dreams" belongs on everyones shelf, if only as a reminder to "Dream for the Future"!  A stunning addition for collectors. Please note this is a "retired" edition collectible and will be  limited to quantities on hand. So get yours today. Stands 7" high. Item #5012

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