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This classic full size bascinet knight helmet from the 17th century with round top design deflected blows minimizing a direct strike in battle. This fine visored Knights helmet is skilfully handcrafted of 18 gauge steel. Full size for wear. The Bascinet type helmets were used in early 14th Century. The bascinet was a replacement of the great helm. The bascinet featured a smaller and lighter head-piece, which was somewhat globular in form, but was raised a little above the head, and terminated above in a point. The bascinet, while always conforming to the general characteristics of its proper type, admitted many modifications in its form and contour. As it decidedly differed from the great helm, in being only a true head-piece without descending over the head and resting on the shoulders, notwithstanding the circumstance that it was often made in such a prolonged shape at the back and sides as to cover the neck of the wearer, the bascinet was considered to be incomplete without having appended to it and depending from it, a chainmail defense for the neck and shoulders, called camail. Item #8140

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