Roman Helmets

We offer many styles of Roman helmets including foot soldiers helmet and Imperial italic officers helmet. Many of them come with either red or blond plumes and are adorned with brass accents.

These are wearable but they also can be displayed. All are made of 18 gauge steel unless otherwise indicated. We also have helmet stands available. These are perfect addition to our Roman armor collection or for anyone that is into Roman reenactment. Please don't forget to check out our historical books section that covers Roman times including Roman armies, soldiers, artillery, enemies, military clothing, conquests, architecture and fortifications, etc.
This was the life of the Gladiator! It only takes a look through the visor of this Roman gladiator helmet to see through the eyes of a Gladiator. Imagine the roar of the crowd and heat of the arena and the adrenalin! Crafted in 18 gauge steel.
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