Medieval Maces

The knightly mace, a weapon of warfare and probably the most recognized weapons in medieval times after the sword. Some may not realize flanged mace heads were common throughout the northern Islamic world as well, if not for design and function, but for the further spread into Western Europe through contacts forged during the crusades, in particular contacts with the Seljuk Turks. Maces were known in ancient times to have survived in some cultures through to the dark ages.

Ever advancing forging techniques made rise to variations on the stud or spiked ball designs that were the most recognized of medieval European design ranging from studded to spiked varieties that could rip and pierce armor with one mighty blow!

Many have thought that the mace and flail are one in the same; however at here at Knights Edge we can tell you the difference, the mace has a fixed head while the flails’ head is moves somewhat separately from the handle, often attached with a chain.

The diamond 4 flange mace design originated during the 12th century in the region known as medieval Kievan founded by the “Rus” Vikings back in 880. The 6 flange mace followed in design as medieval European smiths sought ways to embellish and improve on this simple yet effective weaponry.

The flanged mace with sweeping pierced flanges gained popularity in use throughout the 15th and 16th centuries and with proper weight and balance, the mace was a brutal and savage weapon that could be wielded with incredible speed and agility. Whether it a flail (ball on chain) which extended striking distance or the closely wielded mace both weapons were quite effective against plate armor. Our fine examples are based on the styles prevalent in Europe during 14th through 16th centuries. Examples of these great styles have been exhibited in museums around Europe including the Wallace museum in London and belong in your collection as well.

Offered is a wide selection of maces, from Knights Edge® Italian made, to RitterSteel museum quality maces. Choose the mace that most suits you and get in on your wall today!

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