War Clubs and Hammers

Our RitterSteel® war club and war hammer are hand made and they look just like the real things from the medieval times. Get one of each for yourself!

The Medieval War Club - is one of the simplest of all weapons as it is basically a wooden stick that is narrow at the lower end to enable comfortable grip and much wider at the top to add more mass and therefore more destructive force. These melee weapons were usually made of wood but to make them more lethal, the top part was often enhanced with stones or metal spikes or studs. Clubs that were wielded with two hands are called quarterstaffs. These weapons are also described by other names such as: truncheon, bludgeon, cudgel, baton or night stick.

The war hammer was used whenever and wherever plate armor was used. Japan was the only exception. War hammers were very popular in Europe as European knights and soldiers used heavier armor so weapons such as war hammers were very effective in dismantling the opponent's armor. The war hammer usually had a long and sharp point on the back and a blunt hammer part in the front. Sometimes the hammer part was shaped into claws.
Medieval War Club
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Medieval SCA Giant War Hammer
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