Scottish Dirk

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Many of the fine examples of Scottish dirks found in museum collections today bear the name or clan symbol of its owner... and in keeping with tradition our stunning handle of brass is topped with a flat top pommel suitable for engraving.  A fine original example of this dagger can be found in the Glasgow Museum and is only available for view... however, you can own a true historically styled Scottish dirk as those carried by the brave and proud highlanders of history.

This is a must for everyone looking for a REAL functional Scottish dirk made just like the historical originals! Our RitterSteel Scottish Dirk has a solid hand cast brass handle and is engraved on the haunches and the underside of pommel framing its form in simple elegant lines. Each masterfully crafted blade of high carbon steel is authentically hand forged over hot coals and bears a single edge fuller for strength. The overall length of this Scottish Dirk is 19", the blade 13-1/2". (The perfect companion to our RitterSteel Scottish Great Claymore Sword.) Item #2212

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