The Moro Kris Fighting Knife

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Description & Specs
The moro kris fearsome and functional handmade dagger belongs in every collection. Each kris dagger is individually made and boasts a hand forged carbon steel kris blade.  An exotic kris dagger with pure functionality complete with leather sheath.  Blade: 9" L x 1-3/8" W. Overall length 14". Item #2204

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1. on 3/2/2021, said:
5 stars out of 5
I recently bought this knife as a gift for a friend. It arrived last week. I’m still going to give it to my friend. Almost for sure. Maybe. Probably, perhaps. I’m absolutely certain that I’m still thinking about giving it. I know my friend would like it. Of course, so do I. Or I could get another one for myself. Or maybe my friend would like a nice card? You know, one with a funny fluffy animal on the front. Everyone likes those. Life sure is a moral struggle. But when I gaze at my sword and knife collection, I feel…comforted. Anyway, really nice knife. I’ll even let my friend hold it if they come for a visit, while we chat about the cute puppy card I sent them. I’m generous that way.
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2. on 7/20/2009, said:
5 stars out of 5
I love this Knife
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