Skull Katana

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It long has been the belief that the "Soul" of a warrior lived within his sword and to be a Samurai warrior was to uphold the highest spiritual and physical disciplines than one can on a mortal plain, his sword brought together in steel by the ancient and highly skilled "mieko" (swordsmiths). These religious mieko wore costumes resembling the garb of Shinto priests and undertook purification rituals before forging to clarify mind and body in their strive for perfection in the creation of a blade. Each sword created was the culmination of such efforts and our fine Ritter Steel® Japanese samurai skull katana sword exemplifies these ideals. The historical tsuba skull design along with the skull head pommel and accents is complemented with an all black leather braid wrapping. A spiritual sword for the samurai soul in you! Overall 44", Blade 29". Item #2060

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